Havana Club, Skepta and friends all connect over shared values and attitudes. At a time of global uncertainty and unrest this stands firm now more than ever, with communities – both local and global – coming together to share collective ideas, visions, and discoveries from afar.

Skepta drew upon this sense of discovery and community when he visited Cuba in 2019. In Havana, the international grime icon and Nigerian Yoruba chief found deep links between Yoruba culture and Afro-Cuban spirit. Yoruba heritage is infused throughout Cuban traditions with its links to the West African people and is experienced in the joyful energy and DIY spirit of Cuba which brings people together. It is a creative essence that Skepta also sees reflected in his own London community.

Together, this brought Skepta to the Cuban concept of ACHÉ; interpreted as the creative, universal spirit that binds all of us. It is Aché which Skepta has channelled into his Havana Club 7 collaboration, with a bottle design symbolizing his vision of global community, brought to life through creativity, love, and cultural connections.

The new design features traditional Nigerian cultural symbols, including Ewe Oshun leaves used in Yoruba rituals, cowrie shells found in sacred statues of Elegua, as well as Guiro textiles and Conga drums. The bottle is dedicated to a global community of creative thinkers and doers – the people we raise toasts to the world over.


Havana Club recognizes that there has never been a better time to support local businesses. Therefore, serving local communities first, the limited-edition Havana Club 7 bottle dropped exclusively in corner shops in the UK on July 1st. For local residents these stores are more than just places to buy goods; they are familiar checkpoints at the heart of every neighbourhood – playing an integral role within the locales they serve. In other countries, the bottle will be available on e- commerce platforms.

For Havana Club and Skepta this bottle campaign all comes back to Aché; community and togetherness keeps us strong.


The bottle designed for the collaboration will be available instore and online Wednesday 12pm 

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